I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and the like by doing the things they dread each day. That way YOU have more time to do what you enjoyWhether you need help building a wordpress site, updating & maintaining your existing site, or figuring out your latest technological issue, I can help!

Client Testimonials

“Andrea is a total automation whiz. Whenever I had outsourced my marketing and integration work to someone, I never seemed to be able to get someone that would understand my strategy and vision as well as Andrea does. She completely understood my perspective and where I wanted to take my vision.
When I reached out to her, I was completely overwhelmed with so many platforms the needed integration. She magically made them all speak to each other and sync’d them seamlessly. She did exactly what I’d asked for!

Andrea is very detailed and can navigate any challenge I’ve thrown her way (and I tend to throw many!) Truth be told, she is my secret weapon when it comes to online marketing, funnels, social media, email campaigns, Facebook ads and integrations. She has even helped me successfully run my campaigns for our Latin American audience!

In my organization, we can’t live without her… she helps us reach our market quicker and smarter than we could by any other means!

We can’t live without her.”

– Olivia Jaras, www.salarycoaching.com

“Andrea is a lifesaver! She’s my right-hand woman! She’s a tech rockstar! She saves me from headaches and stress. She’s been with me for almost a year now and has really grown with my business.
Andrea stays cool as a cucumber which always helps me to stay calm, too. She’s incredibly smart and catches things that I miss, especially when it comes to setting up tech stuff.
She is SO good with technology and can learn new software and set it up in a heartbeat! She set up complicated sales funnels for me using 3 new software programs and nailed it in ONE night!
She’s very responsive and ALWAYS gets back to me on everything and in a timely manner. I’ve worked with other VA’s that disappear with communication as soon as they get busy, which is stressful and frustrating, especially when you’re launching or working with a deadline.
Seriously, Andrea is SUCH a pleasure to work with. I almost don’t want to tell anyone and keep her all to myself! But that wouldn’t be very nice of me! I highly recommend Andrea!”

– Heidi Brockmyre, Fertility Expert